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Benefits Forever Aloe Vera Gel

Thousands of healing benefits from using Forever Aloe Vera are now well documented. Many doctors around the world are actively using Aloe Vera either alongside or as an alternative to conventional treatments where orthodox medicines have failed.

Forever Aloe Vera has been described as a potent natural product which the body recognises. With its synergistic mix of essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes it can be a very powerful force which helps the body heal itself.

Extensive scientific research in the United States and the former Soviet Union has been conducted to determine the pharmacological basis of Aloe Vera. Hundreds of these scientific studies and journals were reviewed by Dr Bill Coats R.Ph. who then reported in his book “The Silent Healer – A modern study of Aloe Vera” that Aloe Vera has the following properties:

  • Anti-inflammatory – counteracts or suppresses the inflammatory process.
  • Analgesic – relieves pain deep beneath the surface.
  • Anti-pruritic – relieves itching.
  • Humectant – moisturises, promoting retention of water in skin (in tissue).
  • Proteolytic – enzymatically dissolves and digests damaged or dead tissue cells enhancing the process of healing.
  • Regenerative – stimulates the growth of skin cells.
  • Antipyretic – relieves the heat of burns, inflammation and fever.
  • Absorbefacient – promotes absorption through tissues.
  • Fungistatic – inhibits the growth of fungi.
  • Virustatic – inhibits replication of viruses.
  • Detoxifying – helps cleanse and purify the body.
  • Bacteriostatic – inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and promotes the growth of healthy bacteria.
  • Anti – Cancer Actions – investigations revealed that another molecular species derived from Aloe, Aloctin-A, had anti-tumor activity.
  • Support Immune System – in plasma there are four interacting systems which serve vital protective functions. These include the following:
    • Intrinsic Coagulation (blood clotting)
    • Plasminogen (prevention and dissolving of intravascular clots)
    • Kinninogen (inflammation)
    • Complement (destruction of intravascular bacteria)

Nutritional Information:

Vitamins / Minerals
B-12, calcium, copper, iron, zinc, magesium, phosphorus, potassium

Amino Acids
Nine of ten essential amino acids (missing only tryptophan), plus alanine, asartc acid, cystine, glutamic acid, glyine, hydroxy-proline, proline, serine and tyrosine

Fatty Acids Helpful In Tissue Maturation
Linoleic, linolenic, myristic, caprylic, oleic, palmitic, stearic Antiseptic Cinnamic acid, lupeol (a natural salicylic acid), phenol, sulfur, urea nitrogen

Lupeol, magnesium (as lactate)

Brady kinase, B-sitosterol, campesterol, beneficial HDL cholesterol

Natural Defense System Enhancers
A newly discovered component of the Aloe vera plant, called acemannan, shows preliminary evidence of strengthening the body’s natural defenses

Amylase, lactic dehydrogenase, lipase, SGP transaminase, SGO transaminase

Alkaline phosphatase, creatine phosphatase, creatinine, glucose, lactate, sodium, triglycerides

Certified Quality

Founded in 1981, the International Aloe Science Council (IASC) was formed to protect the Aloe Vera industry against unfair competition and unnecessary regulations. It exists to ensure ethical practices are followed in the Aloe Vera industry, and it has a strong code of ethics that must be followed to warrant IASC status.

The term ‘kosher’ is linked to cleanliness, purity and supervision. It is a process of food production that adheres to strict dietary guidelines outlined in Jewish law. Kosher products meet very rigid standards of purity and quality which is why Forever is proud to offer a selection of products under this category.

Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, rye and barley and it is often added to foods to help them maintain their shape, due to its glue-like properties. Intolerances to wheat and gluten are now widely diagnosed, which is why Forever is pleased to offer a wide range of products that have been certified as gluten-free.

We know that following a vegetarian or vegan-friendly diet is extremely important to many of our Forever Business Owners and customers around the world. We therefore feel that it’s important to share that a wide number of Forever’s products are in fact free from animal by-products and therefore considered suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Since 1982, the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) has been committed to helping its consumers with halal information. Halal products are free from alcohol and questionable ingredients of animal origin, and Forever is proud to display the crescent ‘M’ halal certification on many of its products.

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